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Episode 6 The Brand Accelerator - Business of Drinks

Welcome, thirsty listener. This is episode 6 of the Business of Drinks podcast. Today’s show is called “The Brand Accelerator” and in this episode, we sit down with Scott Rosenbaum, the Search Manager for Distill Ventures, North America.  Scott likens his role to a talent scout for booze, where he goes searching for brands with the potential to break out. In this conversation Scott defines what a drinks accelerator does, outlining the difference between how an accelerator can help your brand grow vs. what an investment giant like Diageo is looking to achieve. He also explains what a brand accelerator will look for when considering new clients, and discusses the trends happening in today’s drinks business market.  

Show concept:

This season, we’re following a canned cocktail line called Hamlet Hound, from launch to growth. We’ve found that people (and brands) don't like to talk about how they become profitable, so we’re pulling the band-aid off and delving into actual dollars and cents. You’ll get an inside look at what works, and what doesn’t.

Want to know how to build a successful alcohol brand? Tune in as we investigate!


About Scott Rosenbaum, guest:

Scott Rosenbaum is the Search Manager for Distill Ventures, North America. Distill Ventures provides investment and support for spirits startups and entrepreneurs who want to create the global drinks brands of the future.


Scott was previously the Vice President of T. Edward Wines & Spirits, a New York-based importer and distributor. While there, he created their craft spirits portfolio which represented over two dozen brands including La Gritona Tequila, Wigle Whiskey, Lágrimas de Dolores Mezcal, Far North Spirits, and Arette Tequila.


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About Erica Duecy, host:

Erica Duecy is co-founder of Business of Drinks, a podcast and content consultancy, and one of the drinks industry’s most accomplished digital and content strategists. She has built publishing and marketing programs for Drizly, VinePair, SevenFifty, and other hospitality and drinks tech companies. She also has led digital editorial teams at Architectural Digest and Saveur magazines. Her content, podcast, and video programs have won more than 40 digital and editorial awards. She is a WSET Advanced-certified wine and spirits communicator, and author of the cocktail book Storied Sips (Random House), about the real-life stories behind the world’s most famous cocktails. 


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About Felicity Carter, host:

Felicity Carter is a well-known journalist and editor based in Europe. She is co-founder of Business of Drinks, the Editorial Director of ARENI Global in London, International Editor of Star Wine List in Sweden, and a contributing editor to The New Wine Review. Formerly, she was founding Executive Editor for The Drop, and Editor-in-Chief of Meininger’s Wine Business International, a trade magazine she built into a global must-read, with subscribers in 38 countries. She has consulted to the Dutch government and to Liv-ex, and been the keynote speaker at the wine industry’s biggest conferences and events, from New York and Sydney to Hong Kong. 


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